How women dominate the country’s most powerful advisory council — the one that pulls Canada’s economic strings


National Post

With its stone chimneys and wooden verandas in the Queen Anne Revival style, the house that Thomas Willson, the Ontario inventor and industrialist, built on 
a cliff overlooking Meech Lake north of Ottawa a century ago is a grand, rustic 
summer estate. In the middle of May, the house, now federally owned, welcomed 
a gathering worthy of its grandeur. Cabinet ministers included Bill Morneau, 
finance; Amarjeet Sohi, infrastructure; MaryAnn Mihychuk, employment; 
Navdeep Bains, innovation; and Chrystia Freeland, international trade.

The ministers came to meet Morneau’s economic advisers, a group that includes two PhDs in chemistry, two venture-capital gurus based in Silicon Valley, the chief economist of the World Economic Forum, and a consultant from a First Nation on the north tip of Vancouver Island known for success in aboriginal economic development. Oh, and it just so happens that everyone on that list is a woman.


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