Everything you need to know about the enhanced CPP — from how much you’ll pay to how much you’ll get


For each year of pensionable earnings after 2024, maximum CPP payouts will be roughly 1.3 per cent more than under the previous rules.Postmedia

While it comes too late for retiring Baby Boomers, the generations that follow will benefit nicely from the newly “enhanced” Canada Pension Plan (CPP).

Higher premiums to fund it began this month. Once fully phased in almost half a century from now, CPP will replace 33.33 per cent of the average worker’s lifetime earnings to a higher pensionable earnings limit of $65,400 (rounded down, 2019 dollars.)

That compares to a replacement of pre-retirement earnings up to 25 per cent of the current Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings limit (YMPE) of $57,400 in effect in 2019. The boost means the maximum pension will eventually be 50 per cent higher than before, according to CPP expert Doug Runchey, of Vancouver Island-based DR Pensions Consulting.


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