These Instacart workers want you to leave them a 22-cent tip after payment changes slash paycheques


Some Instacart workers say they have seen "dramatic cuts” in their paycheques, with some now making a third less than before.Courtesy Instacart

More than 100 Instacart Inc. workers are calling on customers to support reforming the grocery delivery app’s payment practices — by leaving them 22-cent tips.

The counterintuitive call for paltry gratuities is meant to seize attention, signal solidarity — and circumvent what the workers say is a stingy new practice of paying workers less from the company’s coffers if they’re promised more in tips by customers.

“Instacart is changing around their pay structure arbitrarily and treating workers like test subjects,” workers wrote in a statement they plan to publish online Thursday as a post and as a petition for co-workers to sign. About 150 workers had signed their full names onto a version viewed Wednesday by Bloomberg News. About another 30 signed with their first name and an initial, which organizers say was due to fear of retaliation.


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